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Your EXPERT for Market Access and Development

Your market entry and eXPANSION specialist for technology and IT service companies backed by 25+ years of proven success.


Entering new markets comes with a plethora of complexities and huge upfront commitments. Cultural differences and rules & regulations make every market unique. Switzerland is network driven and requires finesse and understanding. 

Through our deep roots and network, we help you gain ground and increase your chances of success without the capital requirements.


Unlock the potential of the Swiss market. Cut through the complexity with our 25+ years of proven success helping IT companies thrive in DACH. We offer interim management and freelance expertise to fast-track your entry and achieve results. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your expansion strategy.


Schedule a free consultation to discuss your expansion strategy and see how we can unlock your growth potential.


XPANDIZE is your go-to address to eXPAND your business into new markets.

Avoid costly mistakes and accelerate your journey into Switzerland by leveraging our proven services.

“At XPANDIZE, we are not just your partners; we are your advocates, committed to unlocking the full potential of your business.  Together, let's embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and sustainable success.”

Market Entry and Business Development

∞ Go-to-Market Strategy
∞ Sales Strategy
∞ Growth & Scale Strategy
∞ Building and Development of the Eco-System
∞ Building high Brand Awareness & Visibility

Sales Services

∞ Sales Process Design

∞ Reorganization and Structuring of the Sales Organization

∞ Pipeline & Forecast Management

∞ Sales Methodology Implementation (MEDDICC)

∞ Demand Generation

∞ Sales Compensation

∞ Sales Training & Coaching

∞ Country specific Licensing and Pricing

Engagement Model

We offer our engagement as interim managers and freelancers specialized in all sales related activities for technology and IT-service companies and provide tailor-made solutions for the individual requirements of your company. We represent your company like an own employee.


Czech Cloud Service Company

Market Services:

Transformation to Cloud

Project Scope:

∞  Defining G2M & execution of the market strategy

∞  Establishing and expanding new business

∞  Building awareness & visibility in the market and

∞  Acquisition of new business across DACH


 ∞  Strategic partnership with AWS

∞  AWS award with the most opportunities in DACH

∞  Winning new migration projects

∞  Hiring new partners

∞  Planning and execution of quarterly events with over 50 participants

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US Software Company (start-up)

Market Services:

Software for Data Discovery, Security and Compliance

Project Scope:

∞  Defining G2M and execution of the market strategy

∞  Establishing and expanding new business

∞  Market development in CH/A/EE/SE/ME

∞  Building awareness & visibility

∞  Acquisition and enabling of a new partner landscape like resellers & GSI’s


∞  Development of a huge customer (FSI)

∞  Hiring and enablement new GSI and distributor

∞  Winning new customers and projects

∞  Building country organization

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US Software & Hardware Company

Market Services:

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Services

Project Scope:

∞  Defining G2M & execution of the market strategy

∞  Development of enterprise accounts

∞  Establishing and expanding new business

∞  Hiring, coaching, leading and developing the sales team

∞  Representing the company in the Swiss market


∞  Increase growth of over 30%

∞  Hiring and enablement new GSI and distributor

∞  Winning new customers and projects

∞  Re-structuring of the sales organization

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US Software & Hardware Company

Market Services:

Transformation to Cloud

Project Scope:

∞  G2M strategy from scratch

∞  Acquiring new customers

∞  Establishing partnerships

∞  Hiring, coaching, leading and developing the sales team

∞  Representation of the Swiss subsidiary

∞  Planning & realization of several marketing campaigns


∞  Increase growth over 50% YoY

∞  Hiring and enablement of the eco-system

∞  Winning new customers and projects

∞  Planning and realization of events with over 170 participants

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“The pursuit of sustainable growth is at the heart of everything we do. We focus on increasing revenue, profitability and market share through data-driven insights and effective sales strategies. Our specialization lies in streamlining and professionalizing sales processes, ensuring time to market and improving scalability for your business.”


“Marcel is truly a self-motivated and goal-oriented sales leader but also an inspiring perfectionist. He brings great interpersonal skills and strong operational execution strengths. Always customer & sales focused and honest team player. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no excuses, just results, Marcel is your go-to person!




“Marcel’s depth of knowledge in the data domain was the perfect complement to my information security background and I enjoyed learning from him as he did from me. Marcel’s knowledge of the market, customer base and buying culture meant an accelerated start for our company to pipeline generation and visibility in the market. Owing to Marcel’s seniority he was able to quickly and effectively pick up our largest customer in EMEA to ensure their satisfaction. It was a pleasure working with Marcel who is extremely professional, open to coach/mentor others.”



“Marcel is an excellent Manager that understands leadership. He isn't afraid of taking risks and standing on the frontlines for the teams. With great interpersonal skills, understanding & long-standing knowledge. Marcel is well positioned to lead the sales team to overachieve on all levels. His positive can-do attitude is always present, even through the most challenging times. I can only highly recommend working with Marcel and wish him many more well deserved successes.”




"Marcel is an excellent Country Manager and leads the Swiss branch and his team. He analyzes, controls and develops the market together with his team target and focus oriented. In addition to his excellent product and market expertise, Marcel has extensive knowledge of strategies and processes in various industries. As a cooperative and team-oriented manager, Marcel motivates his team members always to outstanding achievements and encourages them individually and continuously. He is a great leader, manager and coach, who overachieves the goals. It is my pleasure to work with him.”



"Marcel does a great job as country manager, boss and mentor. He is leading and delegating strategic, focused and fair. His approach in terms of covering the Swiss market, growing the company’s customer base and develop new sales strategies is excellent. He pushes and motivates the teams constantly in a positive reasonable way which enables us to achieve our goals much quicker and even exceed them. Many thanks for the pleasant collaboration" 



"Marcel’s leadership as a sales manager, ability to manage complex deals and his ability to professionally orchestrate the sales cycle and sales team from beginning to end across all layers of the organization is second to none. His extraordinary ability to manage and lead a sales team is outstanding and brings highest value for the customer and the organization he is working for. I give him my highest recommendation, without reservation.”


I am a passionate leader and dedicated entrepreneur with a long track record of successful management and deep experience in sales and business development in IaaS, SaaS, BI, MDM, data security, cloud migration and service delivery. I have been responsible for business development and growth including leading, managing, and inspiring sales teams and extended virtual teams. I love working for growing and innovative technology companies with dynamic and enthusiastic teams.

Marcel D. Schläpfer

Market Enabler & Accelerator with


Our Values

What drives us every day…

Welcome to XPANDIZE

At XPANDIZE our core values are more than just words; they are the foundation of who we are and what we stand for. They guide every decision we make, every action we take, and every relationship we nurture. Our core values shape our company's identity and serve as a compass, guiding us on our journey toward excellence.

We believe that embracing these values not only defines us as a company but also drives our success and fuels our passion for what we do. Each value reflects our unwavering commitment to our clients, our team members, and the communities we serve.

As you explore our website and learn more about our services, we invite you to discover the heart and soul of XPANDIZE through our core values. They are the heartbeat of our organization, and we are proud to share them with you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Warm regards,

Marcel D. Schlaepfer

Executive Partner

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XPANDIZE Zurich/Switzerland
Mobile: +41 79 551 60 70

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eXPAND into a new market

"With over 25 years of experience in market exploration and development, we have established an extensive network in the enterprise business in Switzerland and abroad. We are closely connected with decision makers, influencers and beneficiaries, enabling us to facilitate introductions and connect you with businesses from various industries."

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