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Market Entry and Business Development

∞  Go-to-Market Strategy

∞  Sales Strategy

∞  Growth- and Scale Strategy

∞  Building and Development of the Eco-System

∞  Building high Brand Awareness & Visibility


Market Entry and Business Development

Go-to-Market Strategy

Sales Strategy

Growth & Scale Strategy

Building and Development of the Eco-System

Building high Brand Awareness & Visibility


"With over 25 years of experience in market exploration and development, we have established an extensive network in the enterprise business in Switzerland and abroad. We are closely connected with decision makers, influencers and beneficiaries, enabling us to facilitate introductions and connect you with businesses from various industries."

Channel Strategy

Together, we identify the most effective channels to reach your target audience. Prioritize channels based on their reach, effectiveness, and alignment with your target customers' preferences.


Messaging and Positioning

We develop clear and compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience. Focus on communicating the key benefits and value proposition of your offering in a concise and impactful way.


Sales and Distribution Plan

We outline your sales and distribution strategy, including sales channels, pricing strategy, and distribution partners. Focus on the most efficient and scalable approaches to reach your target customers.


Marketing and Promotion Plan

Depending on your existing marketing plan, together we define your local marketing and promotion tactics to create awareness, generate leads, and drive customer engagement. Prioritize tactics that are cost-effective and have a high impact on your target audience.


Timeline and Milestones

Together we define a timeline with key milestones and deadlines for the implementation of your GTM strategy. We focus on the key activities and initiatives that will ensure early market presence and success.


Resource Allocation

We plan the allocation of resources (budget, personnel, technology) based on the priorities defined in your GTM strategy. We focus on optimizing resource allocation to maximize ROI and minimize risks and costs.


Measurement and Iteration

We define key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of your GTM strategy. Focus on metrics that align with your objectives and allow you to measure progress and make informed adjustments as needed.


XPANDIZE offers the development, or the adjustment and implementation of your specific Go-to-Market Strategy.

The primary goal of every company is to increase revenue. The majority of most companies' revenue does not come from investments, acquisitions or other assets, but from the sale of products and services. Therefore, the proper marketing of a company's products and services is a must for the growth of any business.

Planning is an essential management tool for the growth of any business. The most basic plan is the go-to-market plan (GTM), a subset of the marketing plan.

For well-managed companies, a new GTM plan is always necessary when launching a new product, relaunching an existing product, or EXPANDING IN NEW MARKETS.

A GTM plan includes strategies and action plans that ensure a particular product is effectively positioned for market entry and growth in a market. It answers the buyers' key questions of why, what and how. In addition, it is advisable for a company to disseminate the GTM plan throughout the internal organization for maximum effectiveness.


By focusing on these key elements and streamlining your GTM strategy, you can create a more concise and actionable plan that accelerates your entry into the market while maximizing your chances of success.

Identify Core Objectives

We clearly define your primary objectives for entering the market. Focus on what you want to achieve in terms of market penetration, customer acquisition, revenue generation, etc.


Target Audience Definition

We define your target group to the most relevant and profitable segments. We focus on demographic and psychographic data as well as buying behavior that matches your product or service.


Value Proposition Clarification

We clearly articulate the unique value proposition of your product or service in a concise manner. Highlight the key benefits and differentiation factors that set you apart from competitors.

Go-to-Market Strategy

∞ Clear and measurable organizational goals

∞ Comprehensive customer profiles and product offerings that address customer needs and challenges

∞ Strategies to increase product awareness and drive market demand

∞ Defined sales activities, presentations, and expected challenges

∞ Procedures for monitoring the performance of individual sales reps and the sales team 

∞ A structured timeline outlining the sales process from prospecting to closing deals


XPANDIZE offers the development and implementation of your specific sales strategy.

The sales strategy includes the planning and implementation of measures, practices and processes to ensure that customers buy the products or the services. Its ultimate goal is to generate revenue for the company. The sales strategy of any company includes the target market, customer profile, positioning in the market, sales methods, and distribution channels.

The purpose of a company's sales strategy is to strategically position and sell a product or service to potential and qualified buyers. It should articulate how the product outperforms its competitors while providing guidance to the sales team. An effective sales strategy includes the following key elements which will be defined by XPANDIZE and you.

Sales Strategy

Ecosystem Integration and Optimization

We help integrate your company into the broader ecosystem seamlessly. This includes optimizing processes, systems, and workflows to enhance efficiency, agility, and scalability.


Networking and Community Building

We facilitate networking opportunities and community building initiatives to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. This involves organizing events, workshops, and forums to connect industry stakeholders and thought leaders.


Metrics and Performance Tracking

We establish metrics and performance tracking mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of ecosystem development initiatives. This involves analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), conducting regular assessments, and making data-driven decisions.


Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

We believe in continuous improvement and adaptation to changing market dynamics and customer needs. Our team remains agile and proactive in identifying opportunities for optimization and innovation. This also includes the coaching and enablement of all the partners.

With our holistic approach to building and developing ecosystems, we empower our customers to thrive in dynamic environments, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth.

We support your company's eXPANSION into new markets with the ideal eco-system by leveraging our global network and market insights. Building and developing an ecosystem for our customers involves creating an interconnected network of partners and resources to foster growth and innovation within the industry. We offer comprehensive services to build and develop the ecosystem, ensuring robust growth and sustainability.


Ecosystem Assessment and Strategy Development

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company's current ecosystem and industry landscape. Through in-depth analysis, we identify potential areas for ecosystem development and growth. Our experts collaborate with your team to develop tailored strategies that align with your company's objectives and market dynamics, ensuring effective ecosystem building and sustainable expansion.


Ecosystem Mapping and Partner Identification

We map out the ecosystem relevant to your business and identify potential partners, suppliers, and collaborators. This includes analyzing industry trends, competitor landscapes, and emerging technologies.


Partnership Development and Collaboration

We facilitate partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders to enhance your company's capabilities and market reach. This involves negotiating agreements, establishing joint ventures, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Building and Development of the Eco-System

We always follow the following rules and challenge the current status:

∞ Set clear and measurable goals

∞ Understand the target market

∞ Level up the business branding

∞ Leverage technology

∞ Optimize the sales funnel

∞ Focus on building the best team

∞ Staying agile

∞ Measure and assess performance periodically

The following stages could be part of the whole process:

∞ Market Analysis and Segmentation

∞ Value Proposition Development

∞ Sales Process Optimization

∞ Lead Generation and Nurturing

∞ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

∞ Sales Team Training and Development

∞ Performance Metrics and KPIs

∞ Technology and Automation

∞ Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

∞ Continuous Innovation and Adaptation

A sales growth and scale strategy involves a focused plan to eXPAND revenue, increase market share, and improve profitability over time. It typically includes activities such as identifying target markets, developing effective sales processes, implementing lead generation strategies, optimizing customer relationship management, and continuously refining tactics based on performance metrics. The goal is to sustainably grow sales volumes while maintaining or improving profit margins, ultimately driving long-term success for the business.

At XPANDIZE, we specialize in driving revenue growth and scalability. Our customized strategies are designed to help your company grow revenue, increase market share and capitalize on new opportunities. From market analysis and lead generation to sales team training and strategic partnerships, we offer comprehensive solutions to drive your success in today's competitive marketplace.

Growth & Scale Strategy

Localized Content Creation

We help to develop localized content in German, Swiss German, and other relevant languages to ensure cultural relevance and connect with local audiences on a deeper level. Our content spans across various platforms, including websites, social media, blogs, and print materials.


Event Sponsorship and Participation

We identify relevant industry events, conferences, and trade shows in Switzerland and German-speaking regions and facilitate your participation as sponsors or exhibitors. These events provide valuable opportunities to showcase your brand, network with industry leaders, and generate leads.


Media Relations and Press Coverage

Our team nurtures relationships with local media, journalists, and influencers to secure press coverage and editorial features for your brand. By strategically positioning your company in the media, we enhance brand visibility and credibility among key stakeholders.


Measurement and Analytics

We provide comprehensive measurement and analytics reports to track the performance of your brand awareness and visibility campaigns. Through data-driven insights, we continually optimize strategies to maximize ROI and drive long-term success in the Swiss and German-speaking markets.


With our tailored brand awareness and visibility services, we empower foreign technology and IT-service companies to establish a strong presence, build credibility, and drive business growth in Switzerland and German-speaking regions.

In addition to market building or development, we at XPANDIZE also offer brand awareness and visibility to ensure your successful market entry and expansion. With our strategic insights, multichannel marketing campaigns, localized content creation and media relations, we pave the way for your brand to stand out and succeed in these dynamic markets. Discover our offering and set out on your market presence journey with confidence.


Market Analysis and Strategy Development

We conduct thorough market analysis to understand the competitive landscape and consumer behaviour in the Swiss and German-speaking markets. Based on insights gained, we develop tailored brand awareness and visibility strategies to effectively penetrate these markets.


Brand Positioning and Messaging

We work closely with your team to refine your brand positioning and messaging to resonate with the target audience in Switzerland and German-speaking regions. Our goal is to create a compelling brand identity that sets you apart from competitors and resonates with local consumers.


Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Together with our partners we are leveraging a mix of traditional and digital channels, we execute multichannel marketing campaigns to maximize brand exposure and engagement. From social media advertising to targeted PR efforts, we ensure your brand message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Building High Brand Awareness & Visibility
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